Recovery is often described as “getting better”, and the recovery phase is all about the process of getting better!

This phase occurs, in most cases, after a person has been treated for psychosis. When a diagnosis of psychosis is made, the person with the condition will be encouraged by their doctor or treatment team to become actively involved in a local treatment program.

Treatment programs were created not only to give out medications, but also to help support people and their families in the recovery process, so that the person who has psychosis can gain back their good health and move on with life.

One goal in recovery is to help a person manage their symptoms. Medications are only one of the treatments that are used to help reach this goal.

Generally, the longer a person has been living with untreated psychosis, the longer it will take for them to recover. This is one important reason why getting treatment as early as possible is a good idea.

Treatment Options

Psychosis is treatable and many people who are treated early never have an episode again.

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