If you think that you, a friend, or a family member, might have psychosis, seek help from a doctor immediately.

Psychosis is treatable and many people who are treated early never have an episode again. An important part of treatment is for you, and your support system (friends/family), to understand what is happening and what to expect with treatment. Effective treatment methods may include taking medication, learning about different strategies to cope, and building your support network.

Medication and Preventing a Relapse

Medication helps to relieve the symptoms of psychosis and taking your medication as prescribed by a doctor will help to prevent a relapse. There are more options available to treat psychosis than ever before and your doctor will go over his diagnosis and the medication he recommends based on your unique situation.

Coping with Stress

It’s important to recognize when you’re under stress because it can heighten your symptoms and make it more difficult for you to function. Each person reacts differently to stress, but common symptoms include feeling exhausted and fatigued, irritable or anxious, experiencing changes in appetite or sleep patterns, headaches and/or muscle tension in the back and neck or increased use of drugs and/alcohol. Strategies to manage stress include relaxation activities such as listening to music, reading or exercising; realistic thinking; time management; and/or reducing responsibilities and obligations.

Support Network

Talking to someone about psychosis is an important part of treatment. Your support network often includes your family and friends, doctor, counsellor as well as support groups, where you can share your own experiences and learn from others how they have recovered from psychosis.


The recovery phase occurs after a person has been treated for psychosis. When a diagnosis of psychosis is made, the person with the condition will be encouraged by their doctor or treatment team to become actively involved in a local treatment program.

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