About REIP

The internet is a place where a lot of people go to get information. We get recipes, medical advice, travel information and a thousand other bits of information from the internet. We hope that our website will be a place where young people will go to find information, either for themselves, or for a friend, that explains why a person may be experiencing something out of the ordinary, such as seeing things that aren’t there, or hearing voices that no one else can hear. This experience can be terrifying and can make the person experiencing these things to retreat from life. Our website seeks to provide an explanation about something called psychosis.

Psychosis is most often experienced by young people between the ages of 16 to 35. And it’s not unusual for these young people to be in high school, or their first year of university. Psychosis101 wants to provide hope to people who may be searching for answers. Psychosis is a brain disorder and can be treated. The sooner people receive treatment, the better. You may not know it, but you may even be in class with someone who received treatment for psychosis within the first few months of experiencing it. They are just like you. You would have a hard time picking them out in a crowd. That’s the hope we want to give people.

Our website provides all kinds of information, from what the symptoms are, to how to treat psychosis, and what recovery can look like. It also has information for moms and dads who may be searching for explanations too.

We named our website psychosis101.ca because we believe the more information you have about psychosis, and with the right help, you can move in the right direction.

As a program, the Regional Early Intervention in Psychosis program does not see patients, but we provide training, support and encouragement to clinicians that are linked to our program (see list under “Contact Us”.) We developed this website with the hope that it will provide more information and knowledge about psychosis, so that you will be armed with trustworthy information, and that it removes the questions associated with psychosis.

NBRHC Regional Early Intervention in Psychosis Services

The Regional Early Intervention in Psychosis (REIP) Service is a component of the North Bay Regional Health Centre – Regional Outreach.

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