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Many of the people we work with, and their family members, have amazing talents. This page allows them to show these talents, whether it be by art, video, poetry, stories or other media. Please have a look and enjoy.


Some families cope by using humour. Here are a few from one family member. Click to see larger versions.




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Dinner for two by dan
having suffered from psychosis
at different times in my life
and regaining my health
makes me look back
and wish there was
an eraser to get
rid of those few moments.
so many people
in a popular man’s life
affected and not always
the chance to explain…
reason for much pain.
i’ve gained more
over the years in life
than tears built
on fears of thinking
at times i wasn’t me.
then to see people
fascinated by pain.
i prefer the rain
and not fearing tomorrow.
i’ve written out most of my life and know
where my brain
deceived me but continue
to know the person i am
with a nice tan in the summer
thanks to italy and the other side
pale in the winter
from a scottish side
that will never let go.
i’d prefer to have not lost
so much but am grateful
for knowing who i really am
and among all the chaos
still alive with the intent
of glad tomorrows
building on remembering
the respect
and forgetting the neglect.
i’ve pecked at a few women
but have never had a lover…
why, i don’t know.
eccentric to the bone
while always being sincere
and full of laughter.
however people remember
or think of me,
it is all written in books
i’ve kept to myself for now
not wanting to milk a cow
called my life.
a wife some day…
yes, that’s the dream.
today is alone but happy
avoiding so many messes
thinking there’s still a chance
for a guy who has been
all over the map with thought
but with the proper help
can live a life as normal as
the person who doesn’t
talk to themselves walking
down the street.
poetry and art
etch my soul in eternity
for all l the right reasons
that i chose the age
of 19 to spell
out a quiet man’s words
and images for only those
close to this soul
here to see what i share.
rambling raving roving
and strolling along.

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